cck foundation logo ……it is time to be the voice of the voiceless, to give voice to those who have none....

Clara Chizoba Kronborg Foundation is an NGO that supports women In distress and educate women about family planning ;that is to say, learn to have the number of children that they can afford.

Our aid categories are ;

• Widows with no aid of supporting themselves and their children
• Struggling single mothers
• Teen moms
• Sexually Violated women
• Domestic violence Victim

In Underdeveloped climes such as Nigeria /Africa, poverty and unemployment are two monsters that give birth to all sorts of vices .

Women struggle to take care of their children abondoned by run-away husbands, deadbeat dads, poor government policies and death.

We support these women through starting a sustainable business and award educational scholarship to their children.

What we do is help in any little way to ease their stress, 'ONE WOMAN AT A TIME ''.





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