Project thirty is a project very dear to my heart , one that marks my 30 years as woman , a woman who lived her life surviving in the street of Nigeria , a woman who survived domestic violence &  rape, a woman who determine to live rather than survive and a woman who found her voice and one who pledge to be that voice to the voiceless.

#P30 Started  in September 2018 with the intention to start up a sustainable small scale business to 30 women across africa by end of the year 2019 .

The project started with making a documentary on the plight of widow and abondoned wives in Abuja Nigeria, which feautured 8 women that are within these categories. Their stories are unique, yet very passionate one but one thing that is so touching about them , is their determination to succed and willingenss do anything to survive.

I was with them on the 20th of march 2019, to start up a small scale business for each 8 of them. The women where very grateful but it was a very emotinal moment for me. it all reminded of my childhood, i felt for them , i felt their desire to survive BUT I FELT MORE FOR THEIR CHILDREN BECAUSE THE STREET IS ROUGH AND I  HOPE THEY NEVER GET TO EXPERIENCE IT.




category 2 is a segment in women's world show which i call "THE MAKING OF ENTREPRENUERS"


Making of entreprenuers provide yound women with skills an opportunity to showcase their skills with a chance to win a price to start up their own business and guide them through starting enterprenuership afterwards. 

on the 19th of march 2019, we had our first making of entreprenuers mini contest, where we had 4 participants to show their skills as FASHION DESIGN, this was done in collaboration with KAFFY FASHION ACADEMY at omega Plaza Wuse 2 abuja Nigeria.






The winner went home  with an  industrial machine and a start up fund while the first runner up, went home with a start up fund. I intend to follow up their process and to guide them through enterpreneurship 



 Until now 30th of march 2019 , I have started a small scale business for 10 women and i hope we will be able to  reach the goal of 30 women by the end of the year.

But none the less, I have a great plan lined up with my team to establish as many women across africa through the "making of entreprenuers''. I will be visiting a few african countries for this process; South africa, Ghana and  more states in Nigeria before the end of the year.

I will be glad to work & collaborate  with you in anyway possible.

please you are welcome to conatct us through the contact information provided on the menu , Thank you


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