Who Am I?


‘’ I know and I believe I understand what it feels like to yearn for success, to hope to live instead of survive, to want to be heard, to hope for that big break through and to look forward that my submissions are no longer packed away and neglected’’

My name is Clara Chizoba Kronborg, i am a Nigerian born media & Social entrepreneur, CEO of CCK Ventures & entertainment LTD and founder & host of Women's World Show.

Learning and understanding culture, diversity and values has always been of interest to me and I have been blessed to have lived and travelled around Europe and Africa.

Having lived for a time in my teens on the edge of poverty, I experienced first hand the daily struggle and grind that women go through to survive. Yet observed so many  women stay muted or rather, became voiceless just because of societal stereotyoes and expectations. This inspired me to create Women’s World Show in 2009, a television talk show that gives women a platform to share their stories and amplify their voices for the inspiration of others.


Welcome To My Timeline

My origin is from Okija in Anambra state Nigeria. I was born in Onitsha where i attended my elementary, part of my secondary eduaction and my secondary education  was in Queens College Enugu Nigeria. I am a family oriented person, i am the youngest of 6 siblings (4 brothers and 1 sister), blessed with a beautiful daughter Olivia.

IMG_7125 Growing up, i have always loved the stage, weather by participating in my street/ district Block rosary debate ( as you can see in the picture )  or reading and interpreting bible verses to real life situations. I love the Mic and my deep voice can be heard from far with or without microphone. Which was funny because i never really liked my voice perhaps it was because they use to call me Onú AWO meaning Frog voice but  for some reason i enjoyed and loved owning the stage every single time. 

Fast Forward..... 

At the age of 19, I was living in Gwagwalada in Abuja where some unfortunate incendents happened and i had to rent  an uncompleted house with no windows, electricity or running water. Struggling to make ends means but i was relentless to survive and i kid you not, showing up with my bend down select clothes ( second hand clothes ) Plus , extreme confidence paid off. I landed myself a dream job at the time, allowing me to rebuild my life.

But in this my dream space, i was once again restless, i hear so many stories being told in this space, i saw so many women in pain yet they cant do anything about it because they are afraid of what people might say, and perhaps for so many other reasons. My restlessness drove me to make a decision, i quited my job, decided to create a platform where women could speak out and let their voices be heard. A place where women could share their stories and In 2009 Women’s World Show was birthed in Nigeria ( then as W'world). 

''Following your passion is one thing, know how to navigate and succeed with and in it is another thing''.

In bearely one year of starting the show, i felt that issh... of something is wrong and i knew what i had to do. I took a break from the show and moved to Ghana to study at the Ghana Institute of Journalism in Accra. Soon after, in 2013 I met My now husband and relocated to Denmark where i spent the next four years learning Danish, studing VUC & HF and adjusting to my new life in Europe.

In 2018 when i became pregnant with my daugther, once again i felt the issh... that is time,  and then i started filming Women’s World Show in Denmark, with a private screening of the season held on 6th December 2018. Shortly After i relocated to Spain.

Wome's world Show was aired for the first time in Spain in October 2020 on RTV Marbella.

woooow Thats really a quick speed overview of over a decade of my life :) 

Are you interested to know more about me? I love sharing because i am a big believer in the power of story telling  and the huge impact it can bring. Use the Contact Button and reach out. Better still Join WWS FAMILY, Coming Soon .... 

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