clara-chizoba-lamode-magazine-cover-design-@benzikmedia-interview-21251542791-1._2 WELCOME AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST TO KNOW ME !!! 

My name is Clara Chizoba Kronborg, i am a Denmark & Spain based social and media entreprenuer, CEO of CCK Ventures & CCK entertainment LTD, founder and host of women's world show.

Learning and understanding culture, diversities and values have always interest me and i have been privileged by the virtue of marriage to have travelled around different continents, especailly Europe and Africa. 
When i first  moved to Denmark, despite the challenges of culture differences, i did everything possible to integrate ; Even though many Danish people speak English, i realised that being able to speak their language is a big plus to understanding the people, the humor, the value and to be able to build a life around me with  my family. I am among many that have been blessed with beautiful Danish Friends, now family. 

Becoming integrated resident of Denmark  & Spain, Travelling around Europe and beyond ,networking with different women and men of different ethnicity/culture has opened my eyes to the possible ways to impact more in women of Africa and add to the growth of Africa. 

Above all, family is most important to me and being able to balance the family life and my passion to be there for many people/ women have only being possible by having a very supporting husband, who understands my drive, my vision and my goal. At the end is all about balancing and having a strong support sysytem . 

Well here is to highlight what you will be exploring here on my website.  And i hope my effort to make your tour around easy  is efficient .



Among all that i have done and do, women’s world show is the one very close to my heart because everything about it reflects to my life as a woman, my childhood , my adult life , the struggles to survive , the struggles to find & use my voice etc. .


CCK Ventures

CCK Ventures are the Producers of  womensworldshow and many other contents which i hope you explore every details here in. 


CCK Foundation 

Clara Chizoba Kronborg Foundation (CCK Foundation) is an NGO that supports women In distress and educate women about family planning ;that is to say, learn to have the number of children that they can afford.


Sexyfityou My sexyfityou program or guide is not a conventional fitness and health program but a program that simply guide you to feel SEXY in the shape or size which you are comfortable in , BE FIT in that desire size  and by so doing that simply make you YOU . Sexyfityou is a lifestyle , no diet plans required, Simply " eat everything but nothing , all in one bit and thats the secret ".

You will find out more details on my first ever book  "SEXYFITYOU , A guide to  a positve and healthy LIFESTYLE".

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