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On the 6th of November 2022 of host breast cancer awareness event.

We were honored to not only have an artist who demonstrated this disease in her own language but also we had a Dr. an expect with over 50 years of practice.
Every one that came to this event will agree that we all that we all had more insight on preventive measures, learnt even about breast cancer in men ( the men were choked with this information) but at the end we left hopeful and purpose of the event was indeed fulfilled.

c979e782-af65-4019-9642-b64e02394594The painter in her own words described her illustration of breast cancer on the body of a this model. She said,

''It has been an honor being part of such an honorable campaign and event that covers the very crucial team of breast cancer my word if I ever had to speak and describe the impact it had in my life with some dear people that died because of cancer was to paint it the way I see it the way I feel it a woman a woman body is beautiful and the breast features it’s something amazing we always dress for we always want to show in a humble way it is what gives life we breast-feed our children however it can be hit by a disease so they are two different sides of the story. Cancer has been represented by a crab called also cancer. One of the model breast is covered with a disease as if cutting the flesh with its claws. Where the other side of the body is you see spring coming out skin. flowers roses stems greens and little butterfly to relate to prevention and cure. Hope also come with a survival instinct . My paint shows this power and hope as spring reaches the deadly animal . The cancer abandon it’s purpose showing to us the pink ribbon. The emblem of awareness that with regular check up, women and men can prevent Breast Cancer” .

28f7dad7-c47c-487d-a48d-d188c3910c07It was such a beautiful day knowing that everyone went home with hope and knowing that prevention is better than cure and '' early detection saves lives''


Thanks to our sponsors with whose contributions we were able to make this event a success.




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