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How it all started


'' I know and i believe i understand what it feels like to yearn for  success,  to hope to live instead of survive, to want to be heard, to hope for that  big break through and to look forward that my submissions are no longer packed away and neglected. That is why i have no boundaries to doing what is right in helping another woman's voice to be heard and FREE/ GIVE A WOMAN her voice through financial freedom''. 

 It all started with the passion to create a platform where women are being given voice to tell their own stories irrespective of their race and culture. It was my passion to see another woman succeed, a passion to showcase a hardworking women across europe and Africa, a passion to show a woman the success in her daily efforts and to use thise success to inspire others hence the birth of the show '' womensworldshow'' in 2010. 


9 years passed,My passion to be the voice of the voiceless have grown stronger than ever. But in those past years, I have evolved, I am mentally & physically equipped, I am academically enlightened and I have travelled around continents beyond Africa.

But then the passion grew to a philosophy of women as the backboen and catalyst for socio-economic development if of Africa. And that is why i started the segment in the show '' MAKING OF ENTREPRENUERS''#MOE. 

Women's world show was relunched after 8 years in Denmark on December 6th 2018. 

Definition to women's world show

Women’s world show is a TV talk that uses the breakthrough moment and world of a success woman to inspire ,elevate and motive other women . In women’s world show , we do not measure success by the amount of money in the pocket but by the efforts one makes on daily basics to achieve their goal . We believe that every woman’s story matters because every woman do have a story. 

I want this platform, to be known for its strong support to every woman despite of her color, ethnicity and culture. To be known as a place where women gets the right of which they deserve, some called it FEMINISM but we call it LETTING OUT OUR VOICE . At long run I want women’s world show to be an emblem of Unity among women , a platform where women support women, women uplifting women and simply a platform where we show you how to fish rather than giving you fish

 Segment in WWS 

Making of entreprenuers

Making of entreprenuers in womens world show is focused on promoting the positive impact/ ole of skilled African women in the socio-economic development of Africa. By Supporting as little as we can in bridging the constraints of lack capital and supporting a woman with no means of education with our strategy FUNDING, BRANDING AND MENTORING. 

In doing so, we hope to acceerate the number of female entreprenuers throughout Africa and strengthen African Female entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Our Effective way to impact on female entreprenueurs entreprenuers and developing Africa socio-economy is built aroung 6pillars; Funding , Branding, mentoring (Online and assigned mentors), WWS entreprenuer Forum, Networking events and responsibilites (reassigning of a new entreprenuers to alumin's). 

For the making of entrepreneurs, we travel around African countries , where we choose a certain skill depending on hand works women are involved in within the country.
We collaborate with organizations, companies or individuals who are already successful in this chosen skill area for this process , where we join forces to choose our participants through social media and local scouting of women that does not not have access to internet but have to zeal and skill.

We have done the fashion designers series in Abuja Nigeria , makeup artist series in Lagos Nigeria , fashion designer series in Accra Ghana and another fashion designers series in Nairobi Kenya Respectively. 

Diary of a travelling woman

The Diary of a travelling woman  a 10 minutes segment that highlights/showcases locations where a woman can unwind, rejuvenate, reconnect with her love ones, have a taste of luxury life within her budget, all for her own selfcare purposes. In this segment we discover precious places like hotels, restaurants, sports clubs, wellness & Spa, shopping areas, Car rental services and even clubs in cities and countries within Europe and Africa.


OUR VISION is to create awareness of the challenges women face on their day- to-day endeavors. To recognize women of hard work, To provide services and products that showcases the beauty of a woman. To impact in young growing women that for every finished work / picture seen, comes with lots of efforts and perseverance, to be an emblem of Unity among women, to build a platform where women supports women, women uplifts women and that we do through women’s world show.

OUR GOAL is to be that one stop platform where women with success stories unites, to be the dream fulfilling platform for a lots of skilled women and to add to the development of Africa through empowerment.







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