I am very passionate about women and girl child but that goes as far as extending hand to these women's children as they are the futures of tomorrow.



Meet one of  my scholarship children, his mother is a single mom of 3, whose husband died few years ago. she could barely feed her 3 kids talk less of paying their school fees. She was among the eight women in one of the villages in ABUJA Nigeria that my foundation reached out to, for women's world show documentary on the plight of the widows and aboundoned wives

When i travelled to Nigeria on the 18th of march  2019, i visited these women in their village on the 20th of march 2019, i was emotionally distorted and cried through out my stay with them. i went to see them to start up small scale business for them as promised, which i did.

But then again, i was driven by passion, i was moved to give one of the women's child a scholaship, it was totally not my plan but i couldnt control what i felt. Though i ensured to be clear with my words and made no promise that i couldnt keep, as i am only but one woman and can only do but a little.

i said to them," i can not take all your children back to school , but i can only take one child at a time, " and that was how i was moved to pick HENRY for 5 years scholarship. All his acedemic responsiblity is on me  now but i made it  clear to his mom, that with her  support on guiding him to study and his good performance, i will extend the scholaship after 5years.

My heart couldnt bear it when i visited the school that his mom couldn't afford to pay her son's school fees.. Is a total ghetto school but yet not affordable for the locals. The school needs money to sustain its standard regardless and i understand that. I wanted to immediately change him to a new school but a mind in side me told me , NO , wait Clara, let him start first. It might be in a poor area but it will be his stepping stone. The most important thing is for him to go back to school and to be in an acedemic environment no matter how poor.






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